At-home IPL device for Acne, Pigmentation, SpiderVein and Scar Removal – Softer Me

The worlds longest lasting 5-In 1 IPL HANDSET

Why Choose Softer Me?

    Results in 90 Days or a FULL Refund

    Will Last Up To 30% Longer Than Others 

    Use To Treat Any Body Part

    Delicate On Your Body With 8 Settings

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Softer Me 

900,000 Pulses of Light In Each Device. Enough For Over 30 Years of Treatments.

•   All devices include Safety Certificates: CE, ROHS, FDA and EMC.

   Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal in 1 device. 

•   Results in 90 Days or a FULL Refund.

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Reviews from:

Black hairs have disappeared...I used to have black hairs under my arms. But after 8 weeks they have already gone....incredible!

Jenny S

I was worried at first but it works great. After 8 weeks I am convinced. It works great on my legs and brazilian.

Jess R

Hair removal that works! I have bought this and used for 9 weeks so far. After 4 weeks, I did not notice much improvement. But at week 6 there was a huge improvement, very happy it has worked so well.

Mustapha A

Much better than the clinics. I bought this item after I was tired of going to expensive clinics. I wasn't sure if it was going to be as effective at first but after 8 weeks really happy to report that the results are the same (if not better) than the clinics I sent thousands on over the years.

Paula R


Innovative IPL technology with 900,000 flashes, equivalent to 30+ years. Lasting 30% longer than other devices on the market. 

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