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How the pandemic is affecting your Acne and what you can do to prevent it

COVID19 is affecting every aspect of our lives, in ways we could of never imagined. The condition of our skin is no different. Have you noticed that your skin is particularly spotty, irritated and flaring up lately? Well, that’s one more thing you can blame on the pandemic.

There are a number of reasons for your random breakouts, it is probably down to what is going on inside you and what you're putting in your body.

This is a fascinating subject, as what we are putting in our bodies is not just to the types of foods we are consuming. But also, media and ultimately thoughts. What is the quality of our consumption. This is a major factor in the quality of your skin.


Are you up all night worrying about the virus? Stress is the most likely cause of your breakout. When you are in Flight or Fight Mode, which is wired into our genetic make up for thousands of years Dr. Luca Russo, Dermatologist says the following to explain this.

"Cortisol is an androgen hormone that is released when we are facing unusual challenges and prepare us to ‘fight'. However, it will also increase the sugar level in the bloodstream and production of sebum that might be a cause of the breakout.”

In order to relax and improve your skin. Try and do some activities to take your mind off things, I know its hard! Things like Yoga, cycling walking running are all great for combating stress.

You can also just watch something funny and laugh or have a good nights sleep. Learn to practise self love and be kind to your body.


Since the Pandemic began, if you are anything like me, eating well has been a struggle. As you can end up eating your emotions. Sugary/salty junk foods are more in favour, when looking for a quick fix to improve your mood.

Our bodies break down foods into particles of proteins, fats, and carbs, and circulates it to the organs that need them. These nutrients make their way to your skin too, impacting its condition.

Naturally, if you are consuming poor quality foods such a sweets and salty junk foods. The quality of fuel, your body has to designate to your organs and your skin is not good, which will be reflected in your skin in the form of a sudden flare up.

Eat foods that are packed with vitamins and proteins. Drinking lots of water will replace the moisture that is lot through sweat and other processes. If you consume foods rich in oils Omega-3 fatty, benefits collagen production in your skin. Making your skin smoother, preventing premature ageing.

Drinking lots of water will replace the moisture that is lost through sweat and other processes, keeping your skin hydrated.

If you fill up on foods rich in healthy oils and omega-3 fatty acids, you will improve the collagen production in your skin.

These oils and fats are found in olive oil, fish, nuts, and many more.


Lack of vitamin D

During the lockdowns and especially at winter, people have been spending too much time outdoors. When our skin is exposed to natural light, Vitamin D is increased.

With this increased Vitamin D Endorphins are also produced, which in turn, boosts your immune system.

Make sure you get some fresh air every day in order to reap these benefits of the sun and take supplements.

Disruption of skincare routine

During the Pandemic a lot of people are stopping their make up routine and going for the natural look. In addition, many are not able to go to the usual beauty treatments. You may start to notice change in your skin, contributing to breakouts. 

Using exfoliating cleansers remove dead skin cells and build-up of dirt and oil in one go.

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